About Us

Providing School Business Management Services Since 2007

School Business Office LLC provides school business management services for New Jersey Charter Schools, District Schools, and Approved Private Schools for Students with Disabilities (APSSD). Specializing in school finance, operations, and human resources, School Business Office LLC can be your licensed School Business Administrator (SBA), serve as a consultant, or provide a menu of services to augment your existing business office.

School Business Office LLC was formed in late 2007. The business spawned from the needs of an active school business administrator seeking to increase his job performance by automating daily job functions. The first job function tackled was a quick and simple to use, yet programmatically complex, Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Application Verification Calculator: sbLunch. With very little marketing, sbLunch caught the attention of school districts across the United States and School Business Office LLC officially retained its first paid subscriptions.

With the surge of new charter schools in New Jersey, the founder, partnering with his brother, expanded School Business Office LLC to focus on school business management services. New Jersey Charter Schools, District Schools, and APSSD’s experience difficulties in finding and retaining highly qualified School Business Administrators (SBA) to handle the complexities of New Jersey’s educational statutes and regulations. School Business Office LLC provides these services with the stability that is necessary for success.

School Business Office LLC’s mission is to provide sustainable and Financially Competitive school business management services to New Jersey Charter Schools, District Schools, and APSSD’s using our Systems Management Approach. Now serving 24 schools in various capacities, School Business Office LLC manages over $300MM while providing human resources and payroll services to more than 1,000 employees.

Systems Management Approach


Our business model will deliver value that consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Systems Management

By employing a systems approach to school business, our services are delivered in a uniform and predictable manner.

Application to School Business

Research suggests that communication and transparency are the key tenets of a successful school business services agreement. Our system allows us to do the same things the same way each time while remaining transparent to our clients. Communication is our hallmark tenet.

Financially Competitive


We provide services at competitive rates.


We understand the need for stability and consistency in the business office. Continual turnover is a recipe for poor bookkeeping and noncompliance.

Experience and Professionalism

We employ a team of experienced and professional school leaders. We offer an entire suite of services including school business management, special education program management, human resources management, and professional development.